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Learning is the acquiring of new knowledge, behavior, skills, values or preferences. It involves the processing of different types of information which is done at Wonder Kidz with the use of different learning styles



Our Play group program is dedicatedly based upon nurturing child’s basic teaching needs through ORALS. We prefer to train them with basic necessities like sharing habits, eating habits, toilet training. We conduct age appropriate activities and teaching.



The wonderful playschool memories begin in our classrooms. Where in nursery, we start by creating informal learning experiences that generates a positive foundation for preschool. We have various activities to support our modern preschool curriculum including art and craft and the wonderful concept rooms.



This level concentrates on utilizing child’s curiosity and improves their social skills and social manners. All of our programs offer appropriate curriculum and each level builds on the previous one.



Our UKG program encourages children to learn and question, it also encourage child to develop sense of responsibility and memory development. In addition to regular classroom activities and outdoor play, the children learns strong base of CBSE Concepts.

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