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Frequently Asked Question

What business qualification does Wonder Kidz seek in its potential franchisees?

The following qualifications, among others, are essential to be considered for a Wonder Kidz Franchise:

  • Enjoy working with young children
  • An entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to succeed
  • The ability to manage finances
  • A willingness to personally devote full time best efforts to the day to day operations of the Wonder Kidz Franchise
  • A willingness to complete a comprehensive training program and become proficient in all aspects of operating a Wonder Kidz Franchise
  • Financial resources
  • Committed to the cause of providing good quality education to young children


How much space does it take to start a Wonder Kidz Franchise?

You would need to have a minimum of 1500 sq.ft. On the ground floor with an open play area to match in a residential location. Independent access, attached wash rooms and good ventilation are the other mandatory requirements. As a general rule bigger the area better are the chances of security the Wonder Kidz franchise.


How much does it cost to start a Wonder Kidz franchise?

Typically a new franchise will cost about INR 4,00,000/- to INR7,00,000/- This cost would include the cost of ambience, equipment and startup franchisee fees.


What kind of training will Wonder Kidz provide to a franchisee?

Wonder kIdz trains qualifying Franchisees in the Wonder kidz curriculum and delivery method, as well as business strategies for owning and operating a successful Wonder kIdz franchise. In addition to this franchisees also take part in our continuing skill enhancement programs.


What is the availability of opportunity in my territory?

The availability of franchisee in specific geographic areas must be discussed with the Wonder Kidz franchising team in the specific territory for which you have interest.


How much money will I Make?

Profitability varies depending upon a number of factors, including location, occupancy and operating costs and the ability of the franchisee to manage and control the business. Questions related to profit and loss are discussed during a later stage of the selection process.


How do I get more detailed information?

Take your first step to a satisfying and rewarding career by contacting us as per details provided on the desk cover.

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