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How to start a preschool in India!

Preschools have become a bourgeoning business in India. Preschools have yielded high income and indeed are a lucrative business to invest in. You can locate a preschool with after school activities like Wonder Abacus and Wonder Lipi, in any nook and corner of your city. Though preschools yield a high income it is also important to note that many preschools have failed to meet several ethical criterions along with key factors that would otherwise contribute towards a successful preschool business..Nowadays entrepreneurs and individuals are passionate about imparting education and being a part of education system in India. This is one of the reason that entrepreneurs are drawn to this category. A pre-school or Day care franchise is a great way to make a difference in the education of a child along with an acumen to start and run a new business.
Opening a play school in India is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are several factors like good infrastructure, locality, legal requirements, procedures, and certifications etc. Opening a pre- school is not just a business, it is a huge responsibility. Here the motive of money-making should be secondary and provide the best services should be the prime most. Children who will come here would be below the age group of 5, hence an attentive yet friendly environment has to be created. You will face a lot of challenges and complains, and you have to address them with utmost care and empathy.
Preschool business is not influenced by business cycles.
• It has high patronage because about 11% of the population falls within 2 – 6 years
• It is viable as there is increase in demand for high quality preschool education.
• Assurance of cash transactions all through.
• Guaranteed returns on investment without stress of taking inventory of closing stocks or accounting for wastages.
• Affordable real estate cost – does not have to be cited at strategic and highly commercial centers.
• Flexible working time – working time is between 9am – 2 pm.
• Opportunity to rest during weekends and holidays.
• A conducive working environment and a noble profession highly respected by the community.

How to start a play school?

If working with children in a dynamic and fun-filled way is something that you enjoy, then starting your own pre-school will be the business opportunity for you. As an owner of Wonderkidz- the concept school, you will be part of ISO 9001: 2008 certified company having more than 1000+ franchisee network all over India having 20 years of experience of offering services in this field. If you intend to start a preschool in India, start it with an intention to do this business in most the most morally dignified manner, because preschools are not just business. A preschool plays an important role in molding the child and forming the base for his or her education.

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